Light-Nature's Miracle Medicine

Do you feel like hibernating? You don't have to be a scientist, or a bear, to know how much light is necessary for you. You can often go by your feelings. How do you feel in natural light? Can you tell when you have had too much or not enough? These fluorescent lights are sucking the life out of me! said Tom Hanks in the movie, Joe versus the Volcano. We specialize in the use of full-spectrum lighting for treatment of SAD Seasonal Affective Disorder and for use in maintaining overall wellness.

Light Up Your Life


Do I need full-spectrum lighting? Probably. In general, one half-hour of ourdoor sunlight per day may be enough to stimulate the interaction between light and nutrient absorption. In the winter months it may be difficult to get the minimum amount of sunlight you need.

What is full-spectrum lighting? Full-spectrum lighting refers to the length of light on the electromagnetic spectrum, equal to approximately2900-7700 angstroms in length, or 290 to 770 nanometers. In addition, the spectrum analysis of the light should approximate 85-100% of sunlight.

How do I know if I have full-spectrum versus incomplete lighting? Various cool-white and visual spectrum lights may actually increase your stress. Ask the manufacture if their light is full-spectrum, i.e., between 220-770 nanometers in length. Remember, light affects your mood and unbalanced color-corrected light can actually add stress to your life. Cool-white light has been known to increase levels of ACTH and cortisol in individuals which activates the fight/flight response.

How much do the full-spectrum lights cost? Initially they cost more but have approximately 33,000 hours light duration.

Item Retail Price

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Ott-Lite Portable 325.00
OTL-13 Task Light $99.00
Ott-Capsulite $49.00
Fluorescent "48" $25.00
Flood 150 Watt $22.95
Flood 100 Watt $21.00
Flood 75 Watt $19.95
Bulb 150Watt $12.00
Bulb 100 Watt $11.00
Bulb 75 Watt $9.95

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