Biofeedback is a scientific break through to master stress.


Your body will tell you about your stress. With a tight throat, sweaty palms, an aching head, fatigue, nausea, diarrhea, a vague uneasiness--it will send you signals when you’re suffering distress.


Frequent headaches may be a sign that you’re mentally overloaded and your hanging on to your head for fear of losing control.


Your aching shoulders might be saying, “You’re carrying too much of a burden ... relax ... let down ... loosen up.” Your aching back may be begging, “Stand up for yourself” Your indigestion may be reminding you of everything you’ve had to ‘‘stomach’’ recently.


Your body, mind and spirit will send you their distress signals. Be aware. Listen to yourself. If you ignore  it it will only get worse.  The latest medical suggests that either stress overload or under-load may be hazardous to your health. In fact, some authorities believe that up to 90 percent of all illness is stress-related.


Biofeedback is one of the ways with which you can learn to manage your stress levels. At the Human Relations Center we help persons evaluate the sources of stress, find appropriate interventions, and offer training to effectively cope with stress. We have been doing so for 20-plus years.


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